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Keynote speaker announced!


We're very excited to announce our keynote speaker this year is Andrew Clay Shafer

Andrew began his Agile journey drinking from the legendary fountain at the Salt Lake Agile Roundtable with Alistair Cockburn. Since his early days as a software developer, Andrew became a prime mover in the rise of devops with transformative impact on automation, architecture and operations. In addition to understanding Agile methods, Andrew has worked on a number of open source projects, including Puppet, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. He believes every part of human performance and experience that can be optimized with software will be and he’s focused on optimizing software for delivering software.


Keynote topic: Reflections: Agile Doesn’t Work, People Do
Software is eating the world. Or so they say…. Everyone wants software results but not everyone gets them. Digital transformation, continuously devops microservices, a constant parade of buzzwords with the promise to help. Why does an organization using the same methods and tools get drastically different results from another similar organization? Why is software so hard? Is software hard? Are we really getting better at software? What does better look like? How would we know? A mix of anecdotes and research will shed light on these serious questions.

Our speaker submission deadline has passed. Thank you to everyone who submitted! Our final round of accepted speakers are:


As in past years, we are going with 45-minute timeslots. We're also adding 10-minute lightning talks. These are ideal for introducing a new idea you may not have worked out completely, or one that continually stumps you. If you are new to speaking, this is an excellent opportunity to highlight something that is working for you.

In order to keep the conference costs low and donations at a maximum, we humbly inform you that we are unable to offer any honorarium or travel expenses. If your 45-minute session is accepted, you will receive a free ticket to the conference. For lightning talks, we are offering discount admission. For both options, you will get the adulation of your audience.


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