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Our 2019 keynote speaker

Lisa Smith will be speaking on Enabling Business Agility by “Unleashing the Unspoken.” Lisa is an Executive Enterprise Business Agility Strategist who was the leader of the Duke Energy Agile Transformation. As a global community influencer and creative who cultivates business agility eco-systems, she enables organizations to sense, inspect, adapt and proactively respond to customer behavior. She has over 14 years of enterprise strategy design and organizational change execution for Boards of Directors, Corporate America C-Suite for Fortune 100, smaller entities and cross-industry consortia.

About her talk: As we sprint towards the “digital edge” in an ever-evolving environment where customer demands are driving business innovation; the need for speed delivered value is ever present.

During this thought leadership engagement, you will gain insights into the critical importance of the agile leader’s “super-power” talents and capacity to unleash, as well as an “unspoken” way to engage and delight both employees and customers during the business transformation journey.

Our call for speakers is now closed. See below or on Confengine for our first round of early acceptance speakers (the second round should be announced in late August).

early acceptance speakers

Congratulations to Anita Sagar, Cherie Silas, Chester Jackson, Colleen Esposito, Dave Rooney, David Bujard, David Fogel, Jennifer Forrest, Julie Wyman, Mathias Eifert, Matt Acors, Max Saperstone, Steve Moubray, Tricia Mulcahy and Zack Ayers!

New Voices Track

The new voices track is now closed for new submissions.

A founding principle of Agile DC is accessibility to all. The founders wanted to support the local Agile Software Development community, provide affordable access to great speakers, and offer opportunities to share lessons with each other. This year, we are expanding those opportunities with the addition of a “New Voices” track to the conference program

It can be daunting to submit a first proposal to a conference and then get in front of a room of people to give that talk. The Agile DC organizers are therefore offering you help. The New Voices track is intended to encourage people to share their stories. If you’re selected, you’ll get exposure in a friendly local community, newfound confidence, and skills you can take to your workplace and future community events.

New Voices submissions will be reviewed in the second round early acceptance timeline. If selected, your sherpa will also help you prepare the session itself.

Given the fact that we always have many more session submissions than we have time and space to host, submitting to the New Voices track is not a guarantee that your session will be included in the program. We’ll do our best to help you get there.

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