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Our call for speakers is now OPEN! Here's how submission works - we're still evolving. First early acceptance is open until June 30th and a second round until July 20th. Early acceptance should be announced within 10 days of each of these dates. All proposals submitted by August 17th (midnight Eastern time zone) will be considered for final schedule.

New Voices Track

A founding principle of Agile DC is accessibility to all. The founders wanted to support the local Agile Software Development community, provide affordable access to great speakers, and offer opportunities to share lessons with each other. This year, we are expanding those opportunities with the addition of a “New Voices” track to the conference program

It can be daunting to submit a first proposal to a conference and then get in front of a room of people to give that talk. The Agile DC organizers are therefore offering you help. The New Voices track is intended to encourage people to share their stories. If you’re selected, you’ll get exposure in a friendly local community, newfound confidence, and skills you can take to your workplace and future community events.

Here’s how it works:

  • Instead of submitting through the normal submission system, send an email describing  your topic idea in 2-4 sentences to <>. Note that the best topics to submit are things you’ve learned from personal experience. Backing that experience up with things you’ve learned from books or from other people is great, but we value what you bring to the table.

  • A “sherpa” on the Agile DC committee will work with you to help you turn that idea into a strong submission to this, or any other, conference.

  • New Voices topics need to be submitted by midnight EDT of July 15, 2019 to give the sherpas sufficient time to help you.

  • New Voices submissions will be reviewed in the second round early acceptance timeline, currently expected to be around July 30. If selected, your sherpa will also help you prepare the session itself.

Given the fact that we always have many more session submissions than we have time and space to host, submitting to the New Voices track is not a guarantee that your session will be included in the program. We’ll do our best to help you get there.

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